mercredi 18 février 2015

The¨Power of Gratitude leading to Love - a bridge to Reiki - empowerment towards realize your true life's desires

Around the time Reiki came my way, the value and importance of feeling a state of Gratitude in my Life made even more sense.

It reinforces the belief everything in the Universe is connected. The One infinite power referred to as God, Universal Intelligence, is more accessible and channeled through Reiki which helps us get back to a place of unity Inside and with the entire universal energy.

Reiki only helps connecting us, making us more aware that each and every living being is connected to the Higher Source, this way feel their own power reenlivened & more alive.

Here are two lectures empowering your Inner Power , belief & making your life better towards entire self realization of your real desires.

mercredi 13 août 2014

ODE TO THE HORSE , to new beginnings....


The Horse : a mirror to ourselves, a
bridge to Others, and teacher of acceptance, forgiveness
In self respect or faced to a situation, the horse
leads us to a rebirth – reconnecting to our deepest authentic truth and source
– at the origin of our existence, and unity with the all.
many people on a spiritual quest and persons treading “ off the beaten tracks”,
due to his lifestyle nowadays, the Horse is a teacher : he prompts us to a
return to ourselves, close to nature, which isn’t the way our society has
evolved. He enables and journeys with us making our progress easier for the one
who accepts and manages to tune in and listen to his animal companion. The
person who dares impose himself/herself siding up and voicing his horse’s
interest when faced with ordeals that the modern horse world can gain so much.
Nowadays the horse world is first and foremost geared towards competition –
sports in quest of visible results and won’t appreciate so much as a real
approach to the Horse as a living being of his own, before the sports tool he
is seen as.
Sadly, as this new and fresh approach to our
beautiful companion can prove life changing.
If we tune into our
Horse and know how to grant him the place of a living being of his own, which
he deserves, he will know to reward and bring us way more than his functions of
faithful mount or geographical evasion.
His generosity,
devotion capacity, authenticity, total mirror of our emotions, what goes on
deep inside us and we aren’t even aware of, as precisely as he knows to read us
and reveals us. To have lost freedom which was his true birth right, he learned
to give up many advantages and space, to become our most loyal companion.
It would be wise and in
the best interest of many riders, owners, to take the step, as a give back for
the many treasures that horses bring us. A return to him – and by this process
– a way to ride and move on in total harmony and agreement with ourselves, the
way nature goes.
This involves surely a true self questioning, self
help work and choices. Yet comparing with the failures, setbacks and suffering
which come from resisting or forgetting the basic needs of our horses, once
respected and heard, they carry a true gift. This new insight into the Horse,
opens a new path with him to ride along in real freedom and fusion. 
                 The way to
Freedom, return to ourselves as human beings in agreement with a precious
being, alley, who understands us. Here's to New beginnings. I.B. Aug. 13th, 2014

samedi 28 juin 2014


                                  LOCATE PAINT MARE 

She’s a lovely Paint mare solid Bay with beautiful shooting star shaped blaze, one white sock on the rear left leg. 11 years old. Her name is Lola.

During my training in natural horsemanship in the Bay Area a few years ago I cared for her,  to help the trainer who had rescued her just after she was abandoned by her ex owner. We made a very special bond I never let go of. Since last time I heard about her she was still up North Bay area, she has been moved to Southern California recently.

I would be most grateful to receive information from anybody who may be able to help me locate her. I would love to hear from her.